Scheduled Presentations


"Fugitive Mysticism: Spiritual Testimony in the Afro-Iberian Atlantic," Slave Subjectivities in the Iberian World, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2-4.

"Genre as Event, Event as Genre," ACLA Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, March 29-April 1.

"'The Most Enthusiastic Antiquarian': Enslaved Testimony and New Negro Recovery," Biennial C19 Conference, Albuquerque, NM, March 22-25.

"'Wild Speech' in the Archives of Slavery," Annual MLA Convention, New York, NY, January 6.


Previous Presentations


"Between Timely and Timeless; or, Emily Dickinson and the Civil War Poet She Never Became," Annual ALA Conference, Boston, MA, May 27.

"'My Complaint Book': Enslaved Testimony and Legal Inquest in British Guiana, 1819-1832," Biennial SEA Conference, Tulsa, OK, March 3.

"Richard Wright's Globalism: Before and Beyond Bandung," Annual MLA Convention, Philadelphia, PA, January 6.


"Theatrical Space in the Novel; or, Chesnutt's Narrative Stage," New Work in Novel Studies Symposium, Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University, December 7.

"The Contemporary Novel of Slavery in the Shadow of Toni Morrison," International Conference on Narrative, Amsterdam, NH, June 17.

"Jerry and Hamlet, Chesnutt and Shakespeare," Annual ACLA Meeting, Cambridge, MA, March 19.

"Native Sons: Richard Wright and Genetic Criticism," Annual NeMLA Conference, Hartford, CT, March 18.

"Toussaint Louverture, Frederick Douglass, and Enslaved Testimony in the French Atlantic," Biennial C19 Conference, State College, PA, March 17.

"William Dunbar, Beast Fables, and Premodern Black-ness," Annual ACMRS Conference, Tempe, AZ, February 6.


"'Far-Flung Kinships': The Global Richard Wright," Tufts Graduate Humanities Conference, October 16.

"Thackeray's Sambo and Transatlantic Blackface," NAVSA Annual Conference, Honolulu, HI, July 11.

"'He died with all his words in his heart': Legal Inquest and Enslaved Testimony in Martinique, 1847," The Futures of American Studies Institute, Dartmouth College, June 22-28.

"'And render Hell/More Tolerable': Slaves' Internal Economies and the Limits of Resistance," OIEAHC-SEA Joint Conference, Chicago, IL, June 19.

"Talking Book: Chesnutt's Soliloquies and the Melodrama of Race Conflict," ALA Annual Conference, Boston, MA, May 22.

"The Rhetoric of Diaspora: Diaz, Cole, Mengestu," Annual NeMLA Conference, Toronto, Canada, May 2.

"Enslaved Testimony and Religious Institutions in Colonial Latin America," Locating and Connecting Latin America and the African Diaspora, UNC-Charlotte, April 30.

"Pushkin, Nabokov, and Intertextual Interracialism," American Literature Colloquium, Harvard University, April 16.

"Nabokov and African American History," Annual AATSEEL Conference, Vancouver, Canada, January 10.

"Close Reading 'Unwritten Literature': The Slave Narratives of the Federal Writers' Project," Harvard Graduate Symposium, November 21.

"Melville's Prophecy: War, Emancipation, and 'Bartleby,'" Annual PAMLA Conference, Riverside, CA, November 2.

"Enslaved Testimony in the Publications of Victor Schoelcher," Annual RMMLA Convention, Boise, Idaho, October 11.

"Creole Folklore, the Federal Writers' Project, and the Quest for the Francophone Equiano," American Literature in the World Conference, Yale University, April 11.

"Ellison and Russian Authors," Annual MELUS Conference/Ralph Ellison Centennial Symposium, Oklahoma City University, March 8.